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S.P.A.C.E. Studio project

My vision of s.p.a.c.e.’s backyard studio in what was a tiny, 100 year old, 1-car garage/carriage barn started to take shape in my brain as early as 2015. It became a fairly urgent requirement in 2020 when I launched my business … unexpectedly. The design studio where I’d been working, closed. “Urgent” was the worst adjective in 2020/2021 when doing anything relying on a supply chain. Pandemic anyone? We won’t get into the added complications of doing all of this to a property in a historic district. But by early 2021 we had landed on a contractor who we trusted with the work, Revolution Contractors, and we were ready to go. City approvals in hand, Tom and I demo-ed the hundreds of bricks that were our 'backyard' at the time. The reason: to create the studio itself, the backyard renovation of my dreams had to happen at the same time. The things I wouldn’t compromise on in this studio project were: closing off the existing single door entrance into the side yard adding instead French doors that opened into the (new) backyard; dividing the space so that there was still storage for our bikes and tools; and preserving as much of the century-old character as humanly possible. So here’s a pictorial journey along the construction adventure. Warning, as with all construction, a lot of it is NOT sexy, but boy do I love the outcome! The organized, eclectic, inspiring space makes me more efficient and creative. Tom, a career creative whose own cool office is in our home, likes to come out to my studio and get its creative vibe on him from time to time. “It’s that kind of space.” he always says.

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